Thursday, April 26, 2012


Last year in February, I got sick. I mean go to the hospital for weeks really, really sick. It was awful. After many days of doctors scratching their heads, they finally came up with a diagnosis.  I had contracted e. Coli 0157, which was then followed up by HUS (I'll spare you the full name, it's difficult to pronounce).

How did I get it? We still don't know. But I was a hot mess. My kidneys were failing, I was unable to eat, unable to stand, absolutely delirious and on constant pain medication.  It got so bad that I even needed a blood transfusion and just barely missed having to go on dialysis.

Because it was so contagious, they made everyone that came in my room wear a yellow hazmat suit. (I dubbed them the duck suits.)  My fearless husband spent every day and night there with me, duck suit and all. So blessed.

fearless husband
Fearless husband. Note the purple gloves, as well. 

Over a year later, I am still seeing the effects of being sick. Before e. coli wrecked the whole month of February, I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted with no problems to speak of. These days, I get sick after almost every meal, especially when I am stressed.

I've finally decided that I really need to try to fix this by ways other than prescription medication. I am doing my first ever detox cleanse. Today is the first day of 10. I got this by Garden of Life on recommendation of a friend. I plan to follow this up with a probiotic and see if it helps out the rumbly tummy. I even made my own chicken stock for the first time!

Apparently it's good to eat on detoxes and it tastes amazing. But still, all I want is a beer...or a cupcake...or a big 'ole hamburger. Patience.

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