Friday, June 15, 2012


So far, Memphis hasn't been as scary or difficult as I had thought it would be.  We've been able to meet and get to know a few of the residents in the program.  Still, there are still moments when the loneliness seizes up my chest and I long for the familiar faces, places, smells of home.  I won't hide it, moving. is. hard.

Despite the yearning and nostalgia for where we were, I feel so unfathomably blessed. The Lord is SO good and has been quick to remind me of His love and provision for me. Every step of this process has been covered, every worry released.  I finally feel at peace about being here and knowing full well that although it was in no way my plan, it was definitely His.  I can't help but laugh now because of course all the glory will go to God, since it's not like it was my idea in coming here anyway!

I think the most surprising thing of all is that my stomach has not been upset even once since we got here.  This may be the longest stretch of feeling healthy that I have had in over a year. Praise God!

The best part of this whole process has been that I get to do this next to the man I love. I am so very proud of him for getting into this program, enduring the move, and leading me well throughout the whole process.  He even took me on a nice long bike ride last night to go exploring. Only Jon could take a terrifying move away from everything we know and turn it into an adventure.


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