Thursday, July 26, 2012

Little Victories

I can often overlook the many big wonderful blessings in my life over the negative little things.  I'm thankful for the amazing women in my life that I've met in Richmond and now in Memphis for bringing a little perspective.

In Richmond, I absolutely cherished my Tuesday morning prayer group time.  I cannot express how much I grew from meeting and being real with those girls.  We shared our victories and struggles as women, wives, and friends. We simply lived daily life together.

Laura, Elizabeth, Christine (pregnant with baby Lu!) Meghan, and Martha (with Simone)

When we arrived in Memphis, I almost immediately felt the aching for what was lost in no longer being near to my girls.  I yearned for the community and companionship that the Lord had so blessed me with before.  My little homesick heart was in dire need for some friends.

Thanks to this wonderful MTR program, I've met some amazing women here.  We have now even started a Saturday brunch prayer group (while our husbands attend Saturday classes.)   2 months into living here and I already feel like the Lord has blessed me with new friendships and a group of strong, Godly women to grow with.

Danielle, Ashely,  Sarah (with Simon), and Ruth (with Leilani) 

Maybe this new city isn't so scary, after all.


  1. We are so thankful for you Amanda! Your initiation of our little Saturday morning get togethers was God inspired and just what we needed. Love you already!


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