Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Since Jon normally has classes Monday morning through Saturday afternoon, we don't get much of a weekend.  The Saturday classes kind of put a damper on going anywhere fun.  Thankfully, they had a break this lsat weekend and were off both Friday and Saturday!  We took the opportunity to go and visit our dear friend Laurel in Nashville for the weekend. Best idea.

Hatch Show Print

She gave us a wonderful tour of the city, took us to Hatch Show Print, we went honky tonkin' (which let me assure you is quite an experience), ate great food, drank lots of yummy coffee, and did a bit of thrifting.

Crema Coffee

It was so great to get out of town and see a familiar face.  There is just a wonderful freedom in spending time with a good friend that brings a quiet to the soul... while at the same time allows you to feel completely fine being crazy and weird.  A much needed respite for us Tobins, indeed.

PS. did I mention that there is no Trader Joe's in Memphis?  We stocked up in Nashville. Nomnomnom!

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