Thursday, September 20, 2012


The past few weeks, I've been quite the grump. My time in the Word hasn't been the most fruitful and my time with my husband has been, at best, minimal. He's been swamped with work and I've been stuck inside this apartment far too long. Not to mention the house forever feeling messy and my inability to make a meal without making approximately 7,923 dishes dirty and clogging the sink for a day or two. Ugh.

 But thankfully, we have a God that is unwilling to let us just sit in our own mess and pout. I absolutely LOVE how the Lord is able to use other people in my life to point me to Him and encourage me. While this week was hard, it was also very and encouraging and helped shift my perspective:

- Jon and I were able to have a great conversation the other night with a couple very similar to us who are a year ahead of us in this program.
- I went on a 4 mile and a 4.5 mile run as well as played soccer for the first time in forever.
- An old friend called me up and we were able to catch up. So great.
- Went to community group for church for the first time.
- The cooler weather seems to help a lot, too. SO excited for fall!
- Really digging into the book of Job with Jon at night before bed.
- The new songs that Redemption Hill recorded are amazing!!

Encouraging. It is so good to be able to see from a perspective other than my own. I can easily become stagnant and ungrateful because I start to make my life revolve around what I am looking for and what I want and what makes me happy. Ultimately, I have absolutely no clue what will truly make me happy, and need to trust in God for that. Moving to Memphis was NOT something I wanted, or ever thought would make me happy... but it has been growing me and refining me in ways I could never have imagined. Praise God, He has been so faithful.

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