Monday, October 22, 2012

Great Day

Just thought that I should mark that I actually slept well last night, and for the first time, I felt like myself today in Memphis.

I woke up in a great mood and was ready to take on the world... or at least my work and my apartment. I got up early, took a long walk, worked hard, and even went on a 4 mile run with Mac. Praise God for finally feeling a sense of relief and normalcy here.  It indeed was a great day.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Richmond Weekend

It's been a week and I feel like we are still recovering from the trip home to Richmond/Va Beach last weekend. We came and went in a whirlwind. I'm so very thankful for time spent with friends and family, especially celebrating my brother-in-law's wedding!

I had to work on Thursday, so I started off working from my parent's house in the morning. We were able to stop in at my mom's work and visit her in the morning, and then grab lunch with my sister and Matt at one of our favorite restaurants, Black Sheep.

I finished off my work day in my old office and was so glad to see some familiar faces. I've missed being in the office!

That night, we joined up with many dear friends at Hardywood Park for their weekly food truck court.  Not only did we get to enjoy amazing foods and beer, but we also were able to just truly relax for the first time in forever and soak in the Richmond. I was able to spend a good chunk of the night holding our friend's new baby while she slept... in a bear suit. Amazing.

When the night was winding down at Hardywood, we ventured next to Joe's Inn, our all-time favorite hangout in Richmond. It's got great food, a great beer selection, and people of all ages frequent this little gem in the Fan of Richmond.  More friends, more food, more beer. Oh, and pumpkin cheesecake.

After crashing at Jon's sister's place for the night, we got breakfast at our favorite Richmond coffee shop, Lamplighter. We ran into more friends, and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with the Robinson family. We love them so dearly and were so thankful for the refreshing conversation and joyful laughter with little Simone.

Then we were off to Va beach for wedding festivities. We were able to see family we had not seen since our wedding 2 years ago and celebrate with the new Mr. and Mrs. Tobin. I guess my blog title may need to be rethought, as we are no longer the new Tobins. :)

I love seeing family. I can't wait to post more photos when we get them. Such a blast! They also had this great photo-booth at the wedding and here are some of my favorites...

We were able to make it back on Sunday for the second service at RH. Ohhh how I miss that church and all my church family there. After a wonderful sermon and worship, Jon did a presentation for MTR at the fourhundred, then I went to a shower for Elizabeth. So excited for her being engaged!! It was a beautiful shower filled with much laughter, amazing food, and even better friends. The first photo is of the whole group, and the second is of the Tuesday morning prayer group ladies.

As soon as that ended, we went over to the Barwood's house for a cookout in our honor, aptly named "Octobinfest". We were so thankful for their hospitality and for the relaxing time to really catch up and talk. Nothing felt more like home than being there. It truly reminded us of how many incredible friends we have. I think it was also the hardest part of the trip, because just felt so normal. It was almost as if we hadn't left and this was just resuming life back in Richmond with our nearest and dearest friends. Leaving all over again really broke our hearts. Friendships like that take time to build, and while we love our friends in Memphis that we have made thus far, there's a closeness and a sense of family that we have with friends from home. We are truly blessed.

I would say that ended our trip, but we still had a long flight ahead of us back to Memphis, which we opted to make even longer. Delta overbooked our first flight so they were offering $800 to whoever willingly gets bumped to a later flight and has a layover in NYC. Sold! Looks like we've got a paid flight for future trips home. Woo!

After a week of being back in Memphis we are still tired, still homesick, but still trusting God and working on making this our new home. Things here have still been very difficult. Rarely seeing Jon and minimal sleep or human interaction is getting to me, for sure. The cacophony of trains, garbage trucks, and a loud night-owl upstairs neighbor never let us sleep and try our patience. We are thankful for the Lord getting us through each day! It's just for a season, so trying to keep the big picture in mind. If nothing else, it FORCES me to be in the Word constantly and to be in prayer. A trial is never wasted if it pushes you more towards the Lord!
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