Tuesday, November 27, 2012


One thing I have noticed since moving here is that working from home has made me a bit stir crazy. Having minimal human interaction throughout the week leaves me feeling like I need to get all my pent up conversation out on any unsuspecting victim or dinner guest. It's not pretty. I have begun to ask all the wrong questions, interrupt, and overall command the conversation.

My loving and kind husband gently informed me that maybe I should try to be more intentional with my speech and shy away from complaining so much.  Ouch. I initially turned to beating myself up, thinking to myself: "stop talking everyone's ear off about yourself, you weirdo." The issue had my attention, but had not changed my heart. It's not always easy to just "cut it out" when your heart is still yearning for all the wrong reasons.

Then, this past Sunday, a guest speaker at church spoke on Luke 1. In it, he detailed how Zechariah was mute during Elizabeth's entire pregnancy (Luke 1:18-23). Once his son John was born, the first words from his mouth were praises to God (Luke 1:64). That image hit me hard. I began to wonder, could I go months of being unable to speak? What would my words be when I was able to speak again? It shook me to the core when I realized just how flippant and arrogant I have been with my words.

I pray that during this advent season, I would be able to be more careful with my words. I will be making efforts to listen more and speak more deliberately. Not everything that pops into my head is worth being heard, and I want my words to be a reflection of the real reason that I live out each day: Christ came to earth in human form and lived among us. He lived the perfect life, wholly obedient and in communion with God, willingly died on a cross, then rose from the dead. Now, out of pure love and for His glory, stands in our place and receives our just punishment for the imperfect lives we live while we in turn receive the reward for his life well lived. What is more worth speaking about than this? What words could I ever utter that would be as meaningful?

I pray that I would no longer be a chatterbox, but that I would be wise with my words... not for my own benefit, but for His glory.

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