Thursday, November 1, 2012


November already?! My goodness October really went fast. For some reason I feel like October is always the shortest month, although it is my favorite. I absolutely love Fall. I love the changing leaves and cooler air that comes as such sweet relief from the summer swelter. The leaves don't change nearly as much in Memphis as they did back on the east coast, but I've seen a few bright and bespeckled trees here and there.

Oh and then there was Halloween.  It has always been my mother's favorite holiday, and so we always went all out with costumes as kids. After college, it kind of dwindled a little bit, especially since Jon worked in a bar every halloween and there wasn't a whole lot going on otherwise.

This year, we decided to really go all out. We decided upon being Mary Poppins and Bert the chimney sweep. Aside from a few small purchases, we already had most of what we needed. I found the perfect Mary Poppins shirt at a thrift store nearby, and Jon even made his own chimney sweep broom from a spray painted dowel, some masking tape, and a pack of pipe cleaners. Practically perfect in every way!

To make it even more fun, Jon decided to be in character the entire time. He was Bert through and through, accent, dancing, and all. I can't come even close to a convincing Mary Poppins accent, however she does roll her eyes at him quite often in the movie, so I had that part down ;)

We were able to dress up twice: once for a "Fall Ball" that MTR put on, and once on actual halloween. Don't be fooled, Fall Ball does not mean a formal event, but rather bowling. A bowling ball... har har har...  It was a lot of fun, though. While we didn't win the bowling contest, we did win the costume contest! We scored a great Target gift card. What's even better is that we kiiind of won twice, because the second place winner in the contest was a couple that dressed up as us!  So funny! I've never had anyone dress as me before. I guess it would technically be the future us, since they have a little boy.

On Halloween night, Jon and I went in costume to Chipotle since they were offering $2 "Booritos" to anyone who came in costume. Heck yeah! They also have a costume contest, so please vote for us!!! Click here.

We then ended up galavanting around town for a bit and checking out a new restaurant for dessert that just opened (literally, it had only been open for 4 hours when we got there). I think this will be our new favorite place. It was so nice to walk around all dressed up with Jon and just enjoying each other's company. What a blast. So thankful for the special times when we can be just the two of us. It was the best possible ending to the best month!

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