Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 In Review

A year ago today, I started working at my current job doing Graphic Design. It was a day of excitement, intimidation, and an overall refreshed feeling that comes with new years and new beginnings.  So many big things happened this year, and I have much to reflect on.

Here's a brief recap:

January 2012 - 
Started my new job
Got into a car accident when a man ran a red light
Spent our last few days with our dear friend Betty before she passed

February 2012 
Jon's mother got married

March 2012 
Our dear friends the Capeharts got married in Kitty Hawk
Jon's Birthday
Visited Memphis for the first time for Jon's interview with MTR

April, 2012
Jon accepted admission to the Memphis Teacher Residency, and we prepared to move

May 2012
Jon graduated from VCU
My 25th Birthday
Our dear friends the Folkes got married
With many tearful goodbyes, we packed up our lives and moved to Memphis, TN

June 2012
2 year anniversary of being married
Built a desk
Grappled with homesickness

July 2012
Celebrated the 4th at a Redbirds baseball game
Started running again
Visited Laurel in Nashville
Watched the Olympics!

August 2012
Jon started his first day in the classroom teaching 11th and 12th grade English

September 2012
Started to settle in finally, tore apart the kitchen
Ran 7 miles

October 2012
Visited Richmond for the first time since moving
Jon's brother got married
Won first place in the MTR Costume contest, dressed as Mary Poppins and Bert

November 2012
Started baking my own bread
First business trip
Thanksgiving with MTR friends
Got our DSLR

December 2012
Visited Boston, DC, Richmond, and Va Beach in the span of 3 weeks
Christmas at home
Our dear friends the Goods got married

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  1. Yep. This year was a biggie all the way around. 2013 will be even bigger!


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