Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beauty in the Waiting

One thing that I have been quite guilty of is always looking forward to a time in the future and forgetting to enjoy the present. It's barely winter and I'm already pining after springtime. I daydream about the green sprouting grass, flower buds, songbirds, and sunshine. Not to mention that Jon graduates in May, then we move out of this tiny and drafty apartment, then we go to Europe. How could I not look forward to all that?

This anticipation can become unhealthy for me, and I have to constantly remind myself that God's Grace is present today in this moment. This is a season of growth, challenge, and learning.  The sense of dissatisfaction slips in slyly, and will jade everything if I'm not careful. There's a feeling that there's not a whole lot going on here these days. Try as I might to keep occupied, the days have gone from feeling like routine to a bit of a rut. It's partly being stuck inside, and partly because Jon's been so busy. Partly because I find it embarrassing that the most exciting thing I have to say is about string cheese. That's a bit deflating. Lets be joyful in the little things... like fun packages in the mail. I got some new tights! It's ok if my most impressive thing all week is string cheese or tights, right?

Thanks, hanselfrombasel.com!  They are awesome

Meanwhile, Jon has been a busy bee. Last Thursday was his last day of Lead Teach.  Lead Teach is the part of the program where they go from being observers and co-teachers to teaching all of the classes all day for 2.5 weeks. This includes all the planning, teaching, and grading.

Let me tell you, those weeks dragged. Jon was up late every night grading over 100 essays a night, as well as crafting lesson plans. In some ways it gave us a taste of what it will be like when he is teaching full time next fall. I helped him with sorting papers as much as I could and would offer up back rubs and coffee in the wee hours. And prayed. There was a lot of prayer that he would not give into exhaustion, that he would seek his strength from Christ, and that he would see even more why he is pursuing this profession.

Now that Lead Teach is over, it's the long stretch before graduation and spring. Here's to hoping that I can enjoy this time and find the beauty in the anticipation, rather than only the agony of waiting.

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  1. Boo Winter. AWESOME tights. String cheese rocks, and so do you! I'm glad you and Jon get a break after Lead Teach :)


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