Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Even though this week has brought more mild weather, I am still thankful for the times I can cozy up with some warm tea and cuddle with my pup. I used to suffer with depression when the nights got longer and the cold seemed to seep into my bones.  No amount of warm socks and scarves seemed to fight off the gloom that would settle in.  Something about the pervasive dark, cold, and sleepy nature forces me into a reclusive creature.

I finally feel like I can embrace the winter a little more lately. Maybe it's because I pretty much always have a kettle on for warm tea and a blanket wrapped around me. Despite the cold, I force myself to take Mac on a walk from time to time just to be in the daylight before retreating at the early dark again.  Being able to walk outside is definitely one of the more freeing parts of working from home.  Whatever it is, I feel refreshed by not being so debilitated this season.  The stark trees look more beautiful than I can remember, the crisp air more refreshing than piercing, the overcast skies less ominous. 

Another help is when I get the treat of working somewhere other than the apartment, such as a coffee shop or a friend's cozy home. Even better when the friend's home has tea. Did I mention I really love tea in the winter time?

We thought the transition after Christmas from Richmond life back to Memphis life would be a really hard one, but honestly, I think there was a relief in sleeping in our own bed with our own routine. We loved seeing everyone immensely... but it proved to be quite exhausting to be spending every moment we could with someone.  There is a benefit to returning to one's own home, and just being. 

I also realized something that I don't think I had fully grasped before: that regardless of the distance, my friends are still going to be my friends. I had become so distraught with the thought of them living life without me and I no longer being a part of their daily lives. I didn't want to be forgotten or to miss out. What struck me most deeply about our trip home was that we could just pick up where we left off. 

Maybe that's what has made this winter the easiest... the freedom to finally really be in Memphis and making the best of what is here. We finally have found a sense of actually being where we live now, where we are. Winter or summer, rain or shine. We still have each other and we have our friends from across the miles, as well as near. That's enough to keep me warm and cozy any day. 

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