Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Late January

Five things I'm grateful for this week:

1) Taking advantage of the random 70 degree weather by taking a drinky date with husbandman at Local on their back patio. $3 drafts and $1 off wine = yes please.  It's back to the cold and dreary today, though.

2) This dreary January is almost over. February is a little closer to Spring, and one step closer to saying goodbye to winter and being trapped indoors.  The gray skies are just sapping all my energy. I'm so ready for a bit of sun on my skin.

3) Hangouts with the Petermann family last night. Not only are they awesome, but I've not yet really meet anyone else in Memphis who know what the words "keifer", "kombucha", or "doula" mean. Finally someone who doesn't think I'm a total loco here for trying to be healthy without all the meds.

4) I found my new favorite place to work when I can get out of the apartment.  I know I already wrote an ode to Muddy's Bake Shop, but seriously that place is the best. It is easily my favorite place in Memphis. It's cute, quirky, delicious, the owner always has crazy wigs, and it's a wonderful work environment.  Oh, and not to mention that they have $1 coffee with free refills. Yeah, I know!

5) The new neighbor and her tiny little fearless Chihuahua puppy named "Soldier".  Normally I consider them rats when they are that small, but this little duder was pretty cute. Especially since he was the perfect size for my friend's kid. Totally stealing your photo, Danielle.

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