Monday, January 28, 2013

Patient Love

Those mornings when you wake up and feel as if you are more tired than when you went to sleep.  
When your eyes are puffy and you are cranky. 
When you spent a whole day cleaning and wake up to a mess in the sink and the dog spilled his food and water everywhere and tracked dirt in. And pooped on the sidewalk again. 
You're out of breakfast food. 
It's raining.  
Out of mascara. 
Your husband made you french press coffee, but now it's cold because you took too long cleaning up the dog's mess. 
It's Monday and you're facing another uneventful, drab winter week. 
You're making lists of why your morning is sub-par because you're in a bad mood and want to wallow. 

Praise God still, oh my soul. His Grace is sufficient even in the low moments. What a beautiful morning we have, for the sun rose, we have air in our lungs, and a love far greater and richer than we could ever deserve. My life is not my own, it's Yours.  I have the choice to focus on the failures, or I can Praise Him for another day to experience His Grace.  

When your eyes are on yourself, it's easy to be disappointed. When your eyes are fixed on Christ, you will never be without joy for a second. I pray that even if I have to learn this lesson a thousand more times, I will never be so hardened as to think that this weary soul is too far from God's patient love. 

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