Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Refreshing Weekend

Oh hooray for long weekends!  Such a blessing to have that extra day to relax and take a step back. Ok so today is a little rough and my Tuesday morning has had the punch of a rough Monday, but I am still thankful for the time I had this weekend. 

Here are 5 reasons why this weekend was amazing:

1) Dinner date with a dear friend here at my new favorite local stop: Trolly Stop Market. Delicious food with local farmers market goodies. Win!

2) I got this gorgeous $200 dress from Anthropologie for $9! Super sale + damage discount (broken button loop, easily fixed) + gift card = $9 out of my pocket. Success! 

3) Went to a girl's group last night and met some amazing women. Total blessing. It's been a while since I've felt so at home!

4) Jon and I had a coffee date at a local coffee shop and really got to sit down, assess where we are, both as a couple and in general. It was a good time to flirt and catch up. SO crucial to have that kind of time in marriage. I love that man so much.

5) The biggest news by far this weekend is that we BOUGHT OUR PLANE TICKETS TO EUROPE! So very excited that it's really happening and we will finally be able to travel together. We will be going for 3 weeks in June. Most of our time will be spent in Italy, Germany, and France. Any tips for where to visit or places to see are greatly encouraged. Woo!


  1. So glad to hear about your great weekend!! I would definitely check out Cinque Terre in Italy (The "Italian" Riviera). Rotenberg, Germany is great and so is Carcassone, France. .... ahhhh Europe... love it so much!

  2. So happy for your happy weekend. And WHAT A DEAL OH MY WORD on the dress. And your Europe map is adorable. So are you.


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