Friday, March 1, 2013

Comforts of Home

It's chilly and dreary out again, in true late winter fashion. My toes are perpetually numb and achy, lips chapped, and I am lost under layers of coats and sweaters. Yet this weekend brings a particular warmth. I was able to travel back to Richmond for the wedding of two dear friends. Jon was not able to join me on my venture eastward, but it does my heart so much good to see dear friends face to face again. There have been many hugs and greetings, taking note of new haircuts, new clothes, new children, fianc├ęs, homes, jobs. I come back to find that things have changed every time, as expected.

Still, this place feels like home. I am working from my favorite coffee shop today and it feels as if I have never left. This gives me the best opportunity to see familiar faces and stock up on our favorite roasts. Here, conversations flow at their normal pace. There's no pretense or uncertainty because friends are family. The whole thing just feels natural. I suppose that feeling is hard to shake after living in a place for most of one's life. 

Memphis is still slowly working on becoming home. It used to bother me, but now I think that it's not a bad thing that the place needs more time to grow familiar. Places can be like people. Some are easy to get to know and become fast friends at first glance, while others are slow and more reserved. They take some work and perseverance to get to know them. If you are patient and listen carefully, taking care to let it be at their own pace, they will slowly open up and it will be like you knew them all along. 

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