Thursday, March 28, 2013

Taking Pause

As we are 1 month out from moving, the packing is just getting under way. It is now officially Spring, and the time of renewal. I would be more excited about this if both Jon and I were not so sick. Jon has stayed home from school for a while now and I'm still attempting work with a froggy voice and tissues stuffed up my nose. No fun at all. To make it more gloomy, Spring weather has decided to take a vacation this year and allow Winter to stick around longer than it is welcome. It's become too easy to just carry on in your little rut and try to get by like this.

Thankfully, my husband was wise enough to know better, and for the sake of our mental and marital health, took us out to get some healthy dinner foods at this wonderful place called Cheffie's. We should have taken the food to go in our state... but we needed a date. We stuffed our faces with the most delicious salads and then got some ice cream. Driving home, we watched the sunset and held hands.

Photo by Justin Fox Burks via

Being cooped up and sick is not romantic, so I was particularly thankful for the little outing. Few things make me as happy a just relaxing and watching the sunset hand-in-hand with my husband. That little date allowed me to step outside my sick foggy stupor and really be thankful for the many blessings in our life.

From what I hear, it's quite dreary everywhere. Are you taking the time to pause and reflect on your blessings despite the more obvious gloom?

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  1. that's so hard when both are sick. i'm glad you got a little rejuv juice with greens and a sunset - feel better soon tobins!


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