Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Date Night

When life gets hectic, as it often does, quality time with friends or my husband can become sparse. It's never intentional, but just a result of a growing to-do list and waning hours in the day to complete it all. With many things proving to be extra difficult lately with work, car maintenance, errant billings, and preparing to move, this week had already soured by Monday afternoon.  Come this afternoon, I was not sure I would make it to Friday a sane and healthy woman. The pressures of the day came bubbling over when Jon and I got into a spat and huffed about the house in frustration.

A moment to recover and a bowl of fresh made guacamole later, we made amends and took a blanket and some chips to enjoy a picnic outside. Laying on a blanket in the shade and savoring each bite of Jon's guacamole was just enough to start melting the stresses of the day away. We caught up some, flirted and played with the dog.

After we had eaten our fill, (or at least the bowl was empty,) we decided to take the last rays of sunshine and warmth allotted to us in the day for a bike ride. We rode through midtown and pointed out houses we liked or other interesting sites. I've always loved how much more you can take in on a bike than in a car. We came to a rest at our new future home and poked about the yard some to admire the spring flowers that were in bloom and imagine ourselves enjoying icy beverages on the front porch after we move. Only 9 days left until that will be home. We continued our ride down the street, praying as we went for the neighborhood and for our place in it.

Our next stop was our dear friends, the Jemisons. They live 5 blocks from our new place and they too have a lovely front porch that offers the best place for good conversations and laughter. I love watching Jon and Frank interact because they are so similar and Frank brings out a wonderful playful side to my husband. His wife, Amanda, has become one of my closest friends in Memphis and I always feel refreshed after spending time with her, even if it is just a short while.

The final destination of our ride was for ice cream cones at TCBY. Waffle Cone Wednesday is great. Super cheap ice cream in a waffle cone. A special treat indeed.

There was no real agenda the whole night other than being together. These times are few, so I cherish them greatly. What a blessing it was to be near my best friend and love of my life. No one reminds me more of the many incredible ways that I am blessed and loved than my husband. No one makes me feel as beautiful or treasured. No one reminds me of the Grace that I've been given because he reflects it to me in such profound ways. Nights like tonight remind me how precious our time is together and what a true gift it is.

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