Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quick Update

Lately, I've been outside far too much to really feel like writing. I have been wanting to soak in every ray of sunshine and admire every petal before the chill comes with the next day. Spring weather can be so fickle. One day it's in the 80's, the next in the 40's and rainy. I've also been packing up everything for our move. It's coming up soon, and I am hoping to prevent a last minute packing frenzy. A year ago this time, I was dreading packing. It is a much more refreshing feeling to be excited to pack all of our things and only going 2 miles, rather than 900!

Still, we have found time to host wonderful visitors, do some crafts, see a baby born, play outside, and have a doggie date. I would love to write more about each event, but for now I'm far too distracted and eager to be off the computer. Hope you're enjoying some sunshine, too!

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