Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One Year

Today is our 1 year anniversary of living in Memphis.

Part of me feels like I should say "Oh, how the time flies! A year already?" but mostly it feels like it's been dog years. Memphis time has not just been marked by the sensation of time passing but also by the sheer volume of events, knowledge, and growth accumulated. It feels as if we have packed 7 years into one.

This year has truly been the hardest year of our lives. Never have we cried harder, worked longer, prayed more earnestly, or been challenged more deeply. That moving truck piled high with our belongings, memories, and experiences could never prepare us for what we had to face this past year. Initially, homesickness and loneliness shrouded us and we had a very hard time adjusting. We felt so overwhelmed by it all. Thankfully, MTR is serious about building community. Slowly, Jon and I have found a routine despite constant changes. Now, our little budding friendships have grown into dear family. We couldn't imagine life in Memphis without the friends that we have made over the past year.

Despite how very challenging the year was, I am so thankful. Moving to Memphis has refined us. MTR has not only helped prepare Jon to be a better teacher, but it has laid an example for both of us as to how we can better love our city and the people in it. We came out on the other end as better than we began. I can already tell that Jon is a better man, husband, friend, and teacher because of moving to Memphis for the Memphis Teacher Residency.

This summer starts a new chapter for us. For the first time since I've know Jon, he will no longer be in school.  We plan on taking a long vacation to Europe to celebrate.  Can't. Wait. Then come this fall, he will be teaching full time. We have 3 more years here in our commitment to MTR and then who knows where the Lord will lead us. For now, we are just content to have survived the residency year, and thrived as a couple.

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