Monday, February 3, 2014

A Lovely Weekend

After an excessively long week, this last weekend came with much rejoicing. Hallelujah. We needed it.

Friday, I went to go see the film Her with husband and our friend Alyssa, followed by a late pizza dinner. We really enjoyed it, but it was also quite weird.  So many emotions happening. It really questioned what it means to be human and to love. The cinematography was absolutely stunning as well. Sometimes, going out for a good movie and comfort food can really help to ease into the weekend better than anything else. Just enough entertainment to distract you from the week without sapping the last bits of energy the work week left you with.

Saturday was a bright spot in this dreary winter. The weather got up to 68˚ and we spent as much of it outside that we possibly could. For Jon, this meant playing with the dog and then letting the breeze and dappled sunlight lull him to sleep on the front porch. For me, this meant trimming bushes in the yard and getting it ready for spring. I was loving every moment of it. Few things give me as much joy as weeding, pruning, and being in the garden. Much of my work entailed removing much of the underbrush around some bushes to try to avoid the marshy mosquito-prone swamp our yard can become in late spring. But I was also able to use Jon's hatchet to remove some low-hanging or broken branches and create some sunny patches for a vegetable garden. I just got some seeds in the mail that I plan on starting soon. SO. EXCITED. I even have a blister to show for it all; a sign of a good day of yard work.  

Yesterday at church, Jon played the drums and I helped with setting up. As exhausting as life has been lately, we admittedly were not looking forward to it. Everything just sounds like more of a chore in the winter time I suppose. But like most things lately, they went better than expected and were quite refreshing once we got going. It was the same story with the Super Bowl party. We didn't want to go and just wanted sleep, but in the end were very glad we went. Being around friends and relaxing with good food and drink is almost always a good idea.

And now it's dreary, rainy Monday again. I'm pretty sure I saw a snowflake.

Anyone else as ready for spring as I am? I found these hopeful buds in the yard trying to bloom despite the cold. I'm hoping that the little groundhog is wrong about the long winter this year.
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