Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Arrival of Spring

With warmer air comes open windows and a fresh breeze to sweep away all the dismal grumblings of winter. Be gone and good riddance! I've yet again barely made it through winter surviving on my wool blankets and endless mugs of hot tea.

I am taking advantage of this beautiful first day of spring in every way I can. Our friends the Martins had their baby today. In celebration of the birth of baby Martin, I decided to sow my seeds in my garden. It will be fun to watch them both grow as it gets warmer. Plus, new babies and working in my new garden bed makes me ecstatically happy. They seem to go together well. I already have some little carrots peeking their leafy heads above the soil. Cannot wait to meet this little man that is ushering in the Spring.

Little signs of life in my yard today...

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