Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend

I've just not felt like updating this blog in a while, and I think that is okay. Life has been hectic and emotional the past few weeks, months, years. But oh, how refreshing the summer can be! I become a different person in the summer, as if I come out of my hibernation and really stretch for the first time. I feel like just the smell of summer in the air is enough to make me fall in love with life all over again.

It's not a secret that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. It's not necessarily because I'm overly patriotic, but more that I love the environment surrounding the holiday. Being that it falls early on in the season when the heat is still novel and welcome, it always seems to scream that "Summer is officially here in all its glory!"

A few of my favorite things about Independence Day:
- Quality time outside with friends and family
- Many tasty burgers sizzling on the grill
- An abundance of watermelon with its juice dribbling down my chin and fingers
- The excuse to have a day off work and drink an icy beverage in the middle of the day
- Finding glorious relief from the heat in the pool or sprinklers
- The giddy, child-like excitement that washes over me when I see fireworks exploding on technicolor above my head. Every time.
- Added bonus: no pomp and fuss, no obligatory gift-giving, and no over-indulging necessary.

This year, we had the special treat of having our friend Andrew in town for the weekend. Although we are often not in the same state or country, he is one of our dearest friends. Shortly after he arrived, we went to run a 5k. The Stars and Stripes has been one of our favorite races here, so we were glad to have him join us and meet some of our closest friends in Memphis in the process. There was even an impressive fireworks display after the race. Hooray!

The 4th of July consisted of mostly relaxing by the pool and grilling our with friends. Jon and Andrew continued their bromance, I cooled my feet off, all was perfect.

They probably won't forgive me for posting those photos, but I think that it captures how silly and fun they both are, especially when around each other.

Mac even joined us...with a bit of coaxing. Perhaps even tempting him will a ball a few times. Or just throwing him in. Despite his love of mud puddles and ponds, he kind of hated the pool. Most of the time he was just trying to eat the water or climb out. Poor guy.

It felt so great to celebrate my favorite holiday with some of my best friends. They make Memphis feel more and more like home. So grateful for the Biggers and Jemisons being in Memphis! Special thanks to Frank and his parents for letting us crash their house and pool to celebrate.

Having Andrew in town was such a sweet time of reminiscing, catching up on life, sharing our current struggles, and eating a ton of good food.

Jon and I absolutely love sharing the local flavors with friends when they come to visit. We brought Andrew to two of our favorite restaurants in town, Hog and Hominy and Babalu. It left us utterly stuffed to the brim in the best way. So thankful for meaningful conversations and late nights full of laughter.

Oh July, you have been so sweet to us. Please don't hurry away too fast! This slower summer pace is absolutely delicious and I am enjoying every moment.

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