Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The First Trimester

Now that I am firmly in my second trimester, I thought I would write out some reflections on my first trimester. I am so thankful to have made it thus far. My thought every day is that no matter what the outcome, this baby has already been such a joy and a blessing. I am so grateful for every moment of this process.

Things started out surprisingly easy, despite the travel. Things seemed to be going really smoothly. I was one of the lucky few who never got any morning sickness. In fact, the few symptoms that I had were very mild: dizziness, frequent urination, a growing bosom, and fatigue. The fatigue was a doozy, but it still could not damper the joy of telling family and friends. Even still, I had a strange sense that something was wrong. I tried to just ignore it and write it off as paranoia.

When I was about 8 weeks pregnant, things took a bad turn. I started showing early signs of a miscarriage. Since there is a history of them in my family, I grew increasingly more anxious and almost went to the ER one day. Instead, I called a friend's father who is a doctor. He seemed to believe that the prognosis was not great. Our hearts sunk. Jon and I braced for the worst and tried to hold on to hope.

Two couple days later, I went to my first scheduled OB appointment. Thankfully, I was able to have an ultrasound to check on things. The baby was alive and well with a strong heartbeat. Jon and I both cried the happiest of tears when we saw the tiny little blob of a baby wiggling around on the screen. Below is our first picture of Tiny Tobin!

However, my OB still had concerns about my situation. I was put on pelvic/light bed rest for the rest of the first trimester. That meant no more running, no more lifting anything over 5 pounds, just lots of time off my feet. It was a real bummer and I got pretty antsy, especially when the Fall weather was so beautiful and I could not go out for a run. Thankfully, working at home made it much easier to stay off my feet.

When I hit the second trimester, there was much rejoicing and we finally announced to the world that Tiny Tobin was on the way! Being in the second trimester now does not just mean that I am able to exercise again, but also means that my risk level for losing the pregnancy become much, much smaller. It's a massive hurdle to have crossed and one I feel so relieved to have behind me. Even better, I've started to feel the baby move around 12 weeks. It feels so good to know that the little one is really there.

Just about all of my mild symptoms from the first trimester have faded. Now I'm just working on getting nice and round. I've even had a couple people ask an unsolicited "are you pregnant?" which was kind of exciting. I'm starting to look less like I pounded a couple burritos for breakfast and more like I'm expecting.

For those of you that keep asking, here are all the photos. I started taking "bump" photos at 6 weeks.

The start of the second trimester is somewhere around 14 weeks. I've started to get a decent bump now, and apparently baby was the size of a lemon. A LEMON! So crazy that Tiny Tobin is getting so big now.

At 15 weeks, I really started growing more noticeably. Baby is the size of a navel orange now. I am surprised that I am this big and I'm not even half way yet. But maybe it's just in my head, because I can't imagine how I will make it to 40 weeks without bursting.

We happen to be friends with an amazing photographer and stylist duo here called Well Worn Co. and had the opportunity to take some lovely photos with them for our public announcement. They did such a wonderful job and I would highly recommend them in you are in the Memphis area. More photos are coming soon as we also took a few shots for a Christmas card.

And of course, don't forget Mac. Jon decided that if we were dressing up, Mac deserved a little style treatment himself and donned a scarf for the occasion. I just love these photos of the four of us.


  1. The bottom left is my favorite! Such a sweet picture. I'm so glad you're doing well now. It's fun to read your updates!


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