Wednesday, January 14, 2015


As of last Friday, we have officially made it to the half-way mark of pregnancy! Woohoo, celebrate! Go, tiny Tobin, go!

- I am still feeling pretty great. Some things are getting trickier because my belly will get in the way, but overall, I think I'm in the fun part of pregnancy. I am definitely showing, but still able to tie my own shoes. Win-win.

- Sleep is getting much harder these days. Since I am no longer able to sleep on my back, I have incorporated five pillows into my nighttime routine. FIVE! And I still have a hard time not waking up in pain every few hours.

- I have had quite the hearty appetite, but no real cravings since the first trimester. Unless you just count food. Food is my craving. All of it, please.

- The cold weather makes my nose run, but I've also started noticing a couple nose bleeds. Apparently these are normal during pregnancy, but I rarely ever had them before so it's an adjustment for me. I am already itching for Spring to get here. Winter with no snow and endless dreary days just feels pointless. Bring me snow or bring me the end of this season!

- Still no name for our little man yet. This may take a while. Jon and I can't seem to agree on anything besides the middle name. Naming a human is hard!

- Our dog, Mac, has become increasingly more clingy with me lately. It was normal for him to follow me around the house, but now he seems to feel that he needs to be within 3 feet of me at all times. It's not enough to be in his bed 8 feet away. He apparently needs to be lying on the floor at my feet. I've heard that dogs can sense when a woman is pregnant and will get more protective, but this just seems silly. I'm curious to see how he reacts when this little man is on the outside.

- Nothing else new to report really. Just trudging along through winter, Jon is still job hunting, and I'm still plugging away at my job. All the excitement seems to be coming up later in the year. It's hard to not feel antsy and try to rush along this in-between stage, but we are trying to make sure we appreciate the slow pace we have right now.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Little Man

We had our much anticipated anatomy scan ultrasound last week. We learned that Tiny Tobin is a boy! I had a strong hunch all along that we were having a boy, but it was so magical to know for certain. He appears healthy with all 10 fingers/toes. Hooray!

Just in case there was any doubt, he made sure to flash his little man parts at us throughout the ultrasound. Ha.

And now, here are the bump update photos...

Some thoughts on pregnancy thus far:

- We are still working on picking a name, but it makes it feel more real now to know that we are having a son. Jon and I are over-the-moon excited.

- We went to our first birthing class on Monday night. We are going with the Bradley Method as I plan on having a natural and unmedicated birth. I think we were both surprised by both how long the class was as well as how much we enjoyed it.

- It's hard to believe that come Friday, I will be 20 weeks. That's officially half-way! It all seems to be going by so fast! Especially the second trimester.

- I am still feeling great and over all, very relaxed and even-keeled. Being pregnant has made me much more laid back and nonchalant about things.

- Jon has been extra sweet and affectionate towards the baby. I can't wait to see him as a daddy.

Holidays and Uncertainty

Now that the chaos of the holidays is over, I feel like I can actually sit down and get it into words. Whew! Here is our brief recap of our adventures.

Christmas is always a hectic time, especially now that we live so far away from family. Typically we make the 14 hour drive home and back, but we opted to fly home this year. It was a very wonderful decision. Since we flew into DC, we still had to ride a train down to Richmond after our flight. I will take a train over a car ride any day! Jon and I snuggled up and watched a movie together. Best idea after he had been so busy with school for so long.

After how exhausting this past year has been, we made the trip home a much shorter one than usual. We were only in Richmond for a short 2.5 days and another 2.5 days in Virginia Beach. Even still, we packed our time with grand things like visiting our old church for the Christmas Eve service, eating dinner at our long-time favorite restaurant (Joe's Inn), a Ramen dinner with some friends, taking a walk on the beach, and playing games with family. While it was sad to not see more friends or spend more time with family, it has been nice to be able to rest more this time around.

Since we did not end up getting a Christmas tree this year, it was so nice to enjoy a beautiful tree at each of our parent's houses. We got to pretend we were kids again as we tore into our stockings. Next year, we will hopefully be doing that with our own little one. Crazy.

We returned to Memphis with both a sense of sadness and relief. Trips home always make us homesick, but also leave us longing of quiet and the comforts of our own house and bed. I don't think I ever love my bed so much as I do when I have not slept in it for a week. Amen?

Our new years eve was probably a bit underwhelming by most people's standards, but it felt just right for our energy levels at the time. After all the travel, we decided to lay low. Our good friends the Jemisons came over to enjoy some drinks and play a board game for as long as we could keep our eyes open. We somehow actually made it to midnight and clinked glasses of cheap champagne in celebration of 2015. Oh, what a year we have ahead of us!

While this is the year that we are expecting our first child, it is also a year that is beginning with many unknowns. We've kept it a little hush-hush until now, but Jon has some big news. After much prayer and thought, Jon decided in early November to resign from his job as English teacher. His last day was the start of Christmas break. I won't really go into all the details here, but feel free to ask us if you really want to know. As of now, he is unemployed and does not have another job lined up yet. He has a few interviews in the works, but we are praying that the Lord will provide direction and clarity on where to go from here. The hope is to still fulfill his last year and a half of his commitment to his graduate program by finding another job in education. It may very well not be a teaching position at this point, though.

To throw another wrench in the situation, our roommate is parting ways and moving out at the end of the month. We cannot afford the rent on our own and don't know anyone crazy enough to want to live with us and a newborn, so we began looking for a new place. Since it is around the winter holidays, pickings are quite slim right now. Our landlord had expressed that he really, really did not want us to move out, so I decided to go out on a limb and ask if he would be willing to lower the rent some so that we could afford to stay without a roommate. We truly did not expect him to even consider the option, because what landlord ever lowers the rent?

He accepted.

Praise God, it looks like we are staying here a little longer.  While it would still be an increase in how much we pay a month, it is far better than the full share of the rent that we would be paying. Plus, we don't have to pack up all of our things. I hate moving, so this is a huge win.

Despite the uncertainty in large areas of our lives, we are thankful to slow down after our travels and really take the time to pray over and think through our options. We are excited to see where this road takes us in the end.

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