Wednesday, January 14, 2015


As of last Friday, we have officially made it to the half-way mark of pregnancy! Woohoo, celebrate! Go, tiny Tobin, go!

- I am still feeling pretty great. Some things are getting trickier because my belly will get in the way, but overall, I think I'm in the fun part of pregnancy. I am definitely showing, but still able to tie my own shoes. Win-win.

- Sleep is getting much harder these days. Since I am no longer able to sleep on my back, I have incorporated five pillows into my nighttime routine. FIVE! And I still have a hard time not waking up in pain every few hours.

- I have had quite the hearty appetite, but no real cravings since the first trimester. Unless you just count food. Food is my craving. All of it, please.

- The cold weather makes my nose run, but I've also started noticing a couple nose bleeds. Apparently these are normal during pregnancy, but I rarely ever had them before so it's an adjustment for me. I am already itching for Spring to get here. Winter with no snow and endless dreary days just feels pointless. Bring me snow or bring me the end of this season!

- Still no name for our little man yet. This may take a while. Jon and I can't seem to agree on anything besides the middle name. Naming a human is hard!

- Our dog, Mac, has become increasingly more clingy with me lately. It was normal for him to follow me around the house, but now he seems to feel that he needs to be within 3 feet of me at all times. It's not enough to be in his bed 8 feet away. He apparently needs to be lying on the floor at my feet. I've heard that dogs can sense when a woman is pregnant and will get more protective, but this just seems silly. I'm curious to see how he reacts when this little man is on the outside.

- Nothing else new to report really. Just trudging along through winter, Jon is still job hunting, and I'm still plugging away at my job. All the excitement seems to be coming up later in the year. It's hard to not feel antsy and try to rush along this in-between stage, but we are trying to make sure we appreciate the slow pace we have right now.

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