Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Little Man

We had our much anticipated anatomy scan ultrasound last week. We learned that Tiny Tobin is a boy! I had a strong hunch all along that we were having a boy, but it was so magical to know for certain. He appears healthy with all 10 fingers/toes. Hooray!

Just in case there was any doubt, he made sure to flash his little man parts at us throughout the ultrasound. Ha.

And now, here are the bump update photos...

Some thoughts on pregnancy thus far:

- We are still working on picking a name, but it makes it feel more real now to know that we are having a son. Jon and I are over-the-moon excited.

- We went to our first birthing class on Monday night. We are going with the Bradley Method as I plan on having a natural and unmedicated birth. I think we were both surprised by both how long the class was as well as how much we enjoyed it.

- It's hard to believe that come Friday, I will be 20 weeks. That's officially half-way! It all seems to be going by so fast! Especially the second trimester.

- I am still feeling great and over all, very relaxed and even-keeled. Being pregnant has made me much more laid back and nonchalant about things.

- Jon has been extra sweet and affectionate towards the baby. I can't wait to see him as a daddy.

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