Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Better, Breakfast, Bumps

Usually this time of year is a major struggle for me. As one who thrives on sunshine and being outside in the warm air, the shorter days of winter don't suit me well. The days drag on leaving me with dry skin and feeling ready for bed by 6pm. 

Yet this winter seems to be a little bit more gentle this year. Perhaps it is because it's a milder winter than normal, but I'd like to think it's because of the company we have kept. Jon and I have found our social calendar quite busy this month. From big hangouts for the Superbowl to spontaneous coffee dates to hosting a reunion brunch for his MTR class, we have surrounded ourselves with food and friends aplenty. It's been a wonderful relief from the drudgery, to say the least. 

Almost the whole class was present for the MTR Brunch at our house

Another bright spot in our lives lately has been breakfast. Since Jon quit his job, he's been home WAY more than normal. He has continued worked part time at the running store, but we still have been able to enjoy every morning together. He went from leaving at 6am and working late to sleeping in until 8am, enjoying a leisurely morning with me, and going to bed when he pleases. We wake up late, spend some time reading and talking, and eat a good breakfast together before we start the day. Often the morning sun comes pouring in the front windows while we eat so Mac likes picks a sunny spot on the floor to rest while we munch on eggs and coffee. It has taken a solid month of this before Jon has started to act like his old self again. The physical and mental exhaustion from the past 3 years seems to be slowly lifting. He smiles and laughs more now, and his energy level has picked up, too. It feels so good to be able to suggest a spontaneous outing and he actually has the energy to go somewhere. He had said a few times that he thought he needed a solid month off of work to be able to recoup before starting another job, and it seems that God has heard his prayer. 

Many of you have asked how Jon's job hunt has been going since he quit. He had been applying to many jobs and not finding much available, so we were starting to get a bit anxious. Many of you have offered up prayer and emotional support during this time, and we cannot thank you enough. After quite the season of uncertainty, I am excited to say that Jon now has a job! We are feeling immensely blessed and relieved and excited. It seems like it will be a really good fit for him. Jon will be a Special Projects Manager for Aspire Public Schools and his first day will be on Friday. This job will still be able to count for his MTR commitment, which was really important to us. It is even a slight pay bump from his last job, which will be great considering our little one on the way. 

Which brings me to the next thing: the little guy growing in my belly. He seems to have figured out how to move his arms and legs quite well by now, and is showing off his skills by kicking and squirming constantly. Let me tell you, being pregnant is both the weirdest and most amazing thing I've ever felt. I am not sure I will ever fully be used to the idea that there is a human in there. But I have a pretty good feeling that when he comes out, he will be one hyper little guy. Jon and I both were very high-energy kids, so I guess "with our powers combined..." we will surely be in for it. We are just so very excited. SO. Excited. 

For those of you who have requested more bump pictures, enjoy. Here are the last 4 weeks of my growing tummy. I've still been feeling great and no big changes to report, aside from Mac becoming increasingly clingy and protective of me. He even gets upset when Jon hugs me now. I just can't believe that I'm almost to my third trimester already! Time is moving fast. 

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