Thursday, March 12, 2015

Traversing February

Given that February is the shortest month, it somehow always manages to feel like the longest. It seems that everything takes on an awful pallor with the ice and lack of sun. I think we can all sigh a little in relief that March has finally arrived. March brings longer daylight hours and an abundance of migrating Robins in hunt of worms, which seem to be the herald of spring in these parts. There is a whole bunch of them flitting about the front yard right now and I love hearing them after the long stretch of silence from the ice and snow. I was even able to enjoy some coffee and reading on the front porch today! Yay, spring!

Not to be easily traversed and forgotten, February had brought its own share of excitement. My lack of updates are majorly due to the pace we have been running. Some of the biggest changes to note are the changes our housing situation. We bid farewell to our roommate of nearly 2 years at the end of January. Yet just when the novelty of it being "just us again" was beginning to wear off and the house  began to feel eerily quiet, we gained a few new roommates. Due to some unfortunate delays in the purchase of their new home, our dear friends, the Martins, came to live with us for two weeks. Two adults, a baby, and two dogs joined our crew of 2.5 plus Mac. It was both a blessing and a refining for us all. I am glad for the opportunity to deepen our friendship and be real with one another, bleary early morning faces, grumpy exhaustion, and all.

During their stay with us, we all got shut in by a big ice storm. We attempted to walk the mile and a half to get food and adventure, only to find that everything except one brave restaurant had closed. Praise you, Boscos, for filling our bellies and warming our bones for a little while.

Jon and I especially loved having little Archer around. It was hard not to imagine what our lives will look like quite soon with our own little guy hanging around. I can't remember laughing so much in such a short span of time. To add to the excitement, brave little Archer learned to stand and pull up on things while he was staying with us. This resulted in both awe at his impressive progress and in anxiety as he was still unstable and managed to bang his face up pretty well on our new coffee table. The world suddenly had so many more things in reach now that he was mobile! Note to future self: our house is definitely not baby-proofed.

Speaking of housing, we also made the decision to move out of our beloved house. Our current landlord has been absolutely amazing and we are so sad to leave. Yet with tiny Tobin on the way, we knew that we needed to make a decision quickly. We have chosen a new place that is smaller (read: less effort to clean), has a workshop for future projects, a garage for the car & Jon's motorcycle, central heat and air, and is much cheaper per month. Best of all... no more noisy upstairs neighbors! The new place is a single-family home. Hooray!

It does not come without compromise, though. Seeing as our current place has our dream kitchen, we kind of knew we would be losing out in this area if we moved. Also, this new house is no longer in walking distance of friends and parks like our current home. I will definitely miss being within a mile of the zoo and the running trails. The house also does not have a fenced back yard... or really any back yard at all. This will be a disadvantage for poor Mac, and I will no longer be able to have a vegetable garden. But realistically, I am not sure how much time I will have for gardening with a newborn this summer anyway. It has taken me some time to warm up to the idea, but overall, we are optimistic about the change. We hope to be in and settled by mid-April before little man arrives.

Another exciting development has been that Jon started his new job! Up until now, he has had nearly as many snow days off as work days, but seems to be getting into the swing of things. Right away, he was thrown into planning one of the biggest events of the year: a conference for all the principals in their charter network. Most of them flew in from California! Jon did phenomenally. He received so much good feedback. I was able to meet a bunch of the principals and the CEO during a trip to see a Grizzlies basketball game and they all spoke very highly of his performance. They not only seem like an amazing organization, but went out of their way to make me feel welcome and tell me just how well Jon has been performing in his new position. It was SO good to hear such praise for my husband and know that his new job was such a good fit for him. It felt like so many prayers have been answered. So proud of my amazing husbandman! :) Check out how handsome he looked for his first day of work. :)

Rocking the bowtie and all. I love it.

I'm holding on to the hopes that spring is on its way and we are done with all the ice and gloom. Another winter dead and gone. Hallelujah. It's been a rough one for us all, hasn't it? (Although I feel like our family in Boston gets to rejoice the most after what they have endured!) I know I am most definitely ready for some sunshine and warm air again.

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