Monday, October 19, 2015

March and April

The end of March through the end of April was likely one of the busiest times of my life. Going through it 8 months pregnant made it all the more exhausting and only now am I able to catch my breath and reflect.

At the end of March, I travelled back to Virginia for a baby shower thrown by some of my closest friends. A dear friend here in Memphis gifted me flight miles so that I could go and it was the biggest blessing. Seeing my parents and friends while this far along was so special and I really cherished the time. I've pilfered some photos from friends blogs of the beautiful event for your viewing pleasure:

Dearest friends from morning prayer group

Baby bumps!

Then in April, I had another baby shower here in Memphis! It was so awesome to see all the love for our son. While never an easy journey, we have made many friends here that have helped us call Memphis home. To see so many of them present at my shower filled my heart with such joy.

So many dear friends and one super large belly 
Delicious food and beautiful flowers

Shortly after, we settled into a new house and began furiously setting up our home. We wanted to have everything as settled as possible before our son arrived. It was a dizzying process, but we took great pleasure in setting up the nursery. We would often find ourselves drifting in there to sit and daydream about the day when a tiny Tobin would inhabit the space.

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