Wednesday, May 11, 2016


It is currently 87, sunny, and humid in Memphis. We caved and turned on the air conditioning. It officially feels like summer.

Every year when the heat is still new and novel (not that oppressive, maddening heat of August), I get so excited and filled with a new vigor for life. I want to spend all my time outside and don't even mind that light sheen of sweat coating my arms and legs. The sunshine warms my soul and I can't get the smile off my face. Summer. The end of the school year (more time with Jon!) Longer days. Sunshine. The promise of watermelon, beach days, bare feet, and ice cream. Glorious summertime.

In celebration, I made these roasted strawberry and coconut popsicles today. When the chunky monkey wakes from his nap, I plan on going for a bike ride. Then grilling out for dinner. Probably while wearing sandals and letting the humidity curl my hair.

This time last year, I was superOMGwhoa pregnant. I was not feeling it. This year, it's a different story. I have a nearly one-year-old babe who loves playing in the water and crawling in the grass inspecting bugs. The past few nights, he's needed a bath because he's got dirt on his knees and sweaty curls on his head. Did I mention that he is almost one?!

The summery weather has inspired me to plan a nautical theme for his first birthday. Which falls on Memorial Day. I probably need to invest in a kiddie pool because it's going to be hot. But oh, I'm so excited for this little party! One perk of being a graphic designer is that I was able to make the invites myself. Woo! I can't wait.

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  1. Very cool invitation Amanda. We could use some of that summer weather here in VA. All we have had is rain and fog.


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