Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sunset On The Mississippi

Last Friday night was magical. It was one of those blissful evenings where the light and temperature were just right and the moment too sweet to even think of wishing I were anywhere else. Despite a long week and a concerted effort to get Jon to leave the house again after work, we ventured to Mud Island to go watch the sun set over the Mississippi.

We set down a blanket and let Eli explore the sandy grass around us while we laid back to take it all in. Mac was excitedly bouncing about, chasing his ball and racing to and fro. Eli was squawking at Mac and pointing out the riverboats gliding by. The cottonwoods were letting down their tufts of downy seeds like snow and they were catching the golden evening light like fireflies.

Jon and I looked at each other and just knew that this was a moment we never wanted to forget. These are the times that we cherish. The times we can look back on in times of despair and remember just how rich our life is and how precious time together can be.

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